Gödel, Escher, Bach Wiki


A Dialogue whose form is based on Bach's Goldberg Variations, and whose content is related to number-theoretical problems such as the Goldbach conjecture. This hybrid has as its main purpose to show how number theory's subtlety stems from the fact that there are many diverse variations on the theme of searching through an infinite space. Some of them lead to infinite searches, some of them lead to finite searches, while some others hover in between.


  1. How is the dialogue like Bach's Aria with Diverse Variations?
  2. How do Achilles and Tortoise relate to Count Kaiserling and Goldberg in the dialogue?
  3. What does Copper, Silver, Gold: an Indestructible Metallic Alloy hint at? Why? [p. 402]
  4. After 3. what about these
    • Giraffes, Silver, Gold
    • Copper, Elephants, Gold
    • Copper, Silver, Baboons
  5. Where does the story of the dialogue end and the post-ending ending start? What are the hints?
  6. On p. 404 there are names engraved on the Asian box:

    De Morgan






    together with the hint "Subtract 1 from the diagonal, to find Bach in Leipzig". Can you find him?